Protests held across Andalucía in defence of equal rights and gender laws

The march held in the centre of Malaga on Tuesday afternoon.
The march held in the centre of Malaga on Tuesday afternoon. / PEDRO J. QUERO
  • There was a noisy demonstration outside the parliament in Seville on Tuesday and thousands also thronged into the centre of Malaga

The vote by regional MPs for the new president of the Junta de Andalucía was accompanied by protests in towns and cities across the region.

In the regional capital, Seville, 3,000 people gathered at the doors of the parliament building on Tuesday, the first day of the debate on the investiture of Juanma Moreno.

The demonstrators were protesting against perceived risks to equal rights and gender violence laws in the incoming PP-Cs coalition, and most had arrived on coaches hired by the outgoing PSOE party.

The vicepresident of the central government in Madrid, Carmen Calvo (PSOE), said that the noisy protest was an exercise in "freedom of expression".

The new regional government is supported by the votes of far-right Vox, who have said they want to change gender and equality laws and put more emphasis back on the family. Although slight concessions have been made to Vox by the PP to secure their MPs votes in Andalucía, both the PP and Cs have roundly rejected Vox's radical policy. However, Vox said it was largely happy with Moreno's investiture speech in the end.

In Malaga, an evening march took place where participants called for no backwards steps in gender violence or LGBTI protection.