Far-right Vox threatens to derail new Andalucía government deal over gender violence law

Francisco Serrano of Vox takes his seat in the regional chamber.
Francisco Serrano of Vox takes his seat in the regional chamber. / EFE
  • PP and Cs have agreed 90 future measures for coalition and a candidate for president must be nominated 16 January

Political newcomers, Vox, have said they will refuse to support the coalition deal between the Partido Popular (PP) and Ciudadanos (Cs) parties in Andalucía unless a planned measure relating to violence against women is changed.

The PP and Cs need Vox's 12 regional MPs to vote for them if they are to form a coalition and oust the Socialist PSOE government from power in Andalucía after 36 years.

As part of negotiations to share power, the PP and Cs have drawn up a list of 90 measures that they will introduce if they are successful in getting a majority in a forthcoming vote for a new regional president. The measures largely follow a social agenda without concessions to far-right Vox in order to gain their support. Vox were the shock success in the regional election in December, winning 11 per cent of the vote.

Article 84

Now the Vox leadership has broken its silence. Criticising the failure of the PP and Cs to involve them in the negotiations for a new political programme in Andalucía, the regional leader, Francisco Serrano, said on Wednesday that Vox would not vote in favour of the two-party deal if a measure covering violence against women was not changed.

In point 84 of the 90 point deal, Cs and PP promise to commit enough resources to the fight against gender violence against women.

In contrast, Vox have said that they want to replace "ideological gender laws that stalk men with a law against violence in the family".

Last week, the Andalusian parliament voted in a new speaker from Cs, Marta Bosquet. A candidate for new president of the regional government, expected to be Juanma Moreno of the PP, needs to be put forward for a vote by 16 January.