Report highlights effect of loss of freedom of movement on Brits in Spain

Report highlights effect of loss of freedom of movement on Brits in Spain
  • The research document quotes a range of people living in other EU countries and shows the concern that they have as UK citizens living in a post-Brexit world

Brexit Brits Abroad, the research programme studying the sociological impact of Brexit on UK citizens living in the European Union, has published its latest report 'What does freedom of movement mean to British citizens living in the EU27?'

Not only does the report outline the European Union’s definition of freedom of movement and how Brexit is likely to affect the lives of millions of Brits living in other EU countries, but also EU citizens living in the EU. It also draws on real-life stories.

Brexit Brits Abroad is in regular contact with 194 Brits, living in 23 member states, all of whom provide feedback to questions posed by the research team. The report quotes a cross section of people, from young students who fear that they and their younger siblings will miss out on plans and ambitions they had to live, work and study in other European Union countries, to people who have settled in a country and have family there, as well as those with parents who have retired to countries like Spain and France.

The Brexit Brits Abroad ‘panellists’ share their practical concerns about what the UK’s departure from the EU will mean in terms of healthcare, jobs and families as well as the worry that a post-Brexit Britain will lead to a loss in “interest in other cultures, openness to new ideas and experiences, compassion and understanding for other people”.

The report concludes that many of those taking part in the research “feel that they have not only lost a right but a sense of who they are and who they can be”.

Research carried out by Brexit Brits Abroad creates evidence that can be used to inform policy among the practitioners, civil servants, experts and organisations responsible for supporting the rights and entitlements of populations affected by Brexit.

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