National Police officers. File photograph. / FRANCIS SILVA

Woman arrested at Malaga airport for impersonating a lawyer and scamming foreign clients

National Police officers detained the woman as she was checking in for a flight with her husband


National Police officers have arrested a 25-year-old woman at Malaga airport, on the Costa del Sol, for allegedly impersonating a lawyer and attracting clients through social media networks that she then scammed.

The force said the detained suspect had charged foreign clients more than 1,500 euros for managing immigration procedures that she never resolved.

The scheme was uncovered after one of the scammed people went to the office of the lawyer whose identity the 25-year-old had assumed. He visited her to account for the lost money, but the lawyer told him that she did not handle such matters. And it was the genuine lawyer herself who went to the police station to report that there was an unknown woman using her name and professional collegiate number.

Identity theft

Investigating officers were soon on the trail of the fake lawyer, and they found a 25-year-old foreign woman, with legal residence in Spain, who had a history of identity theft.

As the investigation unravelled it was discovered that the arrested woman was offering herself as a lawyer specialising in immigration procedures to foreign citizens, which she supposedly resolved in record time, for more than 1,500 euros a time.

In another case, the same fake lawyer received 1,500 euros for representing another foreign person in a divorce and child custody proceeding, in which she allegedly promised to answer and oppose or modify a claim for maintenance, something she was not authorised to carry out before a Family Court.

The officers in charge of the investigation arrested the suspect when she was at a flight check-in desk at Malaga airport. She was preparing to travel to France in the company of her husband who was carrying 1,400 euros on him.