The Gruprona officer with the rescued 1.5-metre reptile. / SUR

Watch tricky rescue as police recover a five-foot long snake from a Malaga water meter box

When the homeowner in Churriana went to check the water meter at his home he wasn’t prepared for what he would find


When a homeowner at a property in the south of Spain went to check the water meter at his property, he was in for a big surprise. As he opened the little door to reach inside, he heard a strange noise that made him stop. He returned with a torch and that was when he found that a large snake, over a metre and a half in length, was coiled up inside the small box.

The discovery was made at a house in Calle Realenga de Witemberg, in the Churriana area of Malaga. The homeowner, called the 092 Local Police control room and they despatched colleagues from Gruprona, who specialise in this type of rescue.

The officers who arrived on the scene found the snake in the brick and cement box, about 40 centimetres square, with a metal door, which was open. The reptile was coiled up near the water meter stopcock.

The Gruprona team first tried to capture the snake by hand, but it was not possible due to the difficulty of the access, so they finally used a snake-catcher grab stick. The rescue was also complicated due to the large size of the reptile, according to sources, measuring more than a metre and a half long and it was about ten centimetres thick.

Finally, the policemen managed to capture the snake, without harming it, and put it in a carrier. However, due to its size and being a native reptile in good condition, it was decided to release it into the wild. The officers took it to a forest area well away from human presence and released it.