A woman takes refuge from the heat under an umbrella on the Paseo del Parque in Malaga. / SALVADOR SALAS

Summer-like 30-degree temperatures forecast on the Costa del Sol this week

There is still no sign of significant rain on the horizon, according to the forecasts from the state weather agency, Aemet. The average rainfall for October is 60 l/m2 but, so far, Malaga airport has only recorded 0.7


The coast is set to bask in unseasonal 30-degree plus summer-like temperatures this week as a the local terral wind blows warm currents of air onto the Costa del Sol.

Spain’s state weather agency, Aemet, is specifically forecasting the mercury will rise above 30 degrees on Thursday, 21 October, wherever the warm westerly wind blows from Estepona to Vélez-Málaga including Malaga city.

“For the time of year it is an rare temperature, although we once reached 36 degrees (specifically, on the 22 October of 2014), said José María Sánchez-Laulhé, director of the Aemet Meteorological Centre in Malaga. He also added that the skies will be slightly cloudy and the wind will be light and the minimum of the day will be 14-15 degrees. From noon is when it is expected that "the high will hit."

The following day, Friday, the maximum temperature will drop back down to 25 degrees.


There is still no significant rain expected for the remainder of the month with the forecaster saying, "No heavy rainfall is expected." The accumulated precipitation so far this month is only 0.7 l/m2 at the Costa del Sol airport.

October is supposed to be a wet month, with almost 60 l/m2 on average. "It is very variable, very irregular, there have been years in which there has been very heavy rain in October", as happened in 2003, which marked the all-time high, with 220 l/m2; or the 162 l/m2 of 2018.

More normal rainfall is expected in Malaga province in the month of November, according to the forecasts. "The La Niña phenomenon in the Pacific tends to be favourable to the lift the drought in Malaga in the autumn," says the Aemet meteorologist.