More people registered as self-employed in Malaga province than anywhere else in Andalucía. / sur

More than 3,500 people in Malaga province registered as self-employed in July, the highest figure in Andalucía

The Andalusian region also accounted for 18.8% of all new registrations in Spain, almost one in every five


During the month of July 13,355 people registered as self-employed in Andalucía and that was the highest figure since October 2019, the Andalucía Emprende foundation has shown in its latest report.

By province, Malaga had the highest number of new registrations wih 3,517, followed by Seville with 2,394, Cadiz with 1,843 and Granada with 1,747. The figures for the other Andalusian provinces were: Almeria 1,147, Jaén 934, Granada 896 and Huelva 849.

Looking at the difference between the number of people who registered and those who de-registered in July, only Seville (-339) and Cordoba (-122) ended the month with a negative balance. The list of those with a positive balance was headed by Malaga (+343), Cadiz (+243) and Huelva (+141).

The number of new registrations was also considerably higher than in July 2021, with a rise of 3,593 (36.81%) and was 30% higher than the previous month, when there were 3,082.

Andalucía was also the region in Spain with the most newly self-employed workers in July, even ahead of Catalonia (12,445) and Madrid (9,341). Altogether Andalucía accounted for 18.8% of all new registrations in Spain, which was almost one in every five.