An artist's impression of the oil mill. / SUR

Philippe Starck designed olive oil mill construction work to start in Ronda next week

The 11-million-euro project design gives a nod to Picasso and bullfighting, with a huge horn on the side of the building


Construction work on a modern olive oil mill, designed by Philippe Starck, will begin next week in Ronda, when the first stone will be laid on the site of the 11-million-euro project according to its promoters, LA Organic.

The first phase of LA Organic Experience has already been completed with the creation of an oleotourism route, incorporating works by the renowned French designer, on a 25 hectare farm a few kilometres from Ronda on the road to Campillos.

And now the new mill building will be added and constructed with recycled materials. It will incorporate the most avant-garde technology, the company said, and focus on the production of organic olive oil.

The Starck design, based on the sketches that have been made public, includes references to bullfighting, with a large horn, and to Picasso, among others.

The oil mill is expected to be completed in 2023.

"It will place the region on the world map of quality tourism based around a product as Spanish as olive oil", claim LA Organic.