María de la Paz Fernández. File photograph. / V.M.

Mayor downplays the 3,600-euro cost of a four-minute council meeting

María de la Paz Fernández, mayor of Ronda, blamed a quiet month for news, after the express meeting made the headlines


The mayor of Ronda, María de la Paz Fernández, has blamed a 'quiet month for news' after a four-minute council meeting - that could cost 3,600 euros - hit the headlines.

The council meeting took place in the historic, mountain town - that is famous for its breath-taking gorge - on Monday.

Fernández downplayed the event and said that there was «a lot of hype about something that has no repercussions. There is little news in August.»

Nine opposition councillors and three, unpaid, members of the same party as the local government team are entitled to claim a 300 euro attendance allowance for the brief meeting.