Cañete la Real approves the suspension of solar farm licences for one year

No planning authorisation for the installation of large, power-generating infrastructures for renewable energy will be granted in the town during the 12-month period


Cañete la Real has approved the suspension of licences for the construction of solar farms in the town for one year. The town hall held a full council meeting to give the green-light to the proposal which was unanimously approved by members.

The suspension is included in the town's Urban Development Plan (PGOU) which will be modified to regulate this type of project on undeveloped land. According to the town hall, it aims to minimise the impact in the town due to a lack of specific regulations on the issue.

The council agreed to suspend the granting of all types of planning consent, authorisations and approvals for the installation of large, power-generating infrastructures for renewable energy on undeveloped land.

This includes the clearing of land, secondary transport, distribution, connections and direct line infrastructures. Private projects intended for self-consumption of renewable energy are excluded from the suspension.

With these new measures, Cañete la Real town hall joins those of other municipalities such as Álora and Campillos which have already done the same.

Cañete la Real is one of the towns that has shown opposition to the mega-solar farms. The 'Cuidemos la vega cañetera' action group has called for the withdrawal of these projects, declaring they would have a huge visual impact and could affect the archaeological remains at the Flavia Sabora site.

This neighbourhood campaigning group, like others created in other municipalities in Malaga province, insists that it is not against renewable energy, but that it is against its uncontrolled implementation in the area.