Juanma Moreno and other officials at the firefighters' command post on Saturday. / JOSELE

Regional president says Sierra Bermeja fire was started deliberately: "with dead leaves, a pine cone and a lighter"

Signs of the same fire-lighting method have been found at both points where fire broke out on Wednesday, said Juanma Moreno


The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, has said this Saturday that the fire investigation brigade has found signs that the fire was started deliberately.

It appears that remains of the same fire-lighting method had been found at both sites identified at the starting points of the blaze. "Two piles of dead leaves with a pine cone on top, lit with a lighter," had been observed he said.

Infoca continues to fight the Sierra Bermeja blaze with 400 firefighters on the ground and 41 aircraft.

Moreno, who attended a technical meeting at the firefighters' emergency command post to assess the situation of the fire, sent out another message aimed at the possible culprits: "They should know that we're after them. It might take us a month, two or a year, but we'll find them," he said. "If they're listening to this, they won't sleep well tonight, or tomorrow or, in six months' time, because we'll hunt them down and they will be brought to justice," he added.