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Rare pinsapo trees 'continue to be a green island within the general black of the Sierra Bermeja'

The director of the Infoca operation assures that most of the adult Spanish firs in the Los Reales forest have been saved from the devastating fire


One of the objectives that the Infoca brigade set for itself in its fight against the Sierra Bermeja fire was to save the Los Reales forest, located between Genalguacil, Estepona and Casares, which is home to rare pinsapo Spanish fir trees.

This Tuesday morning (14 September), with the fire under control, the director of the operation, Juan Sánchez, reported: "We will have to make a full, on-site assessment, but it is still a green island within the general black of the mountains."

The Infoca commander explained that the adult Spanish firs are “for the most part saved, but those that are mixed with pines have been more affected.”

The Minister of Agriculture, Carmen Crespo, announced that they are going to study the area and promised to implement the reforestation of the mountains as soon as possible.