The TIE recognises the rights of UK Nationals as residents in Spain. / SUR

Over a third of Britons in Spain now have their post-Brexit TIE residents' identity card

This biometric card explicitly recognises their rights as resident before 31 December 2020


Just over a year since the TIE card for British residents in Spain who have benefitted from the EU Withdrawal Agreement was launched, the latest figures published by the Spanish Government reveal that over a third of UK Nationals in Spain now have this biometric card that explicitly recognises their rights as resident before 31 December 2020. The remainder still have the green certificate from EU membership days.

Commenting on the figures, UK Ambassador Hugh Elliott said: "It's great to hear that so many UK Nationals now have the TIE. Whilst it is still not obligatory to have one, it has become clear over the last 12 months that the TIE makes people's lives easier.

It is more durable, more easily recognisable than the green residency certificate, and it explicitly recognises your rights under the Withdrawal Agreement. What's more, it really is a straightforward exchange process and we have a step-by-step guide to what you need to do on the website."

This latest data from Spain, shows that there are 400,000 Britons registered as residents in Spain of whom 144,000 have the new style TIE (Tarjeta Identidad de Extranjero) as Withdrawal Agreement beneficiaries.