Fuengirola's Local Police headquarters. / SUR

Policeman suffers a broken nose after trying to break up a Fuengirola fight

Three people were arrested after the incident on the promenade in the early hours of a Sunday morning


A Local Police officer in Fuengirola has suffered a broken nose after stepping in to try and break up an early-morning fight on the Costa del Sol town's seafront.

The incident happened at around 2.30am on Sunday, 22 August, when officers patrolling on the promenade were alerted to a brawl. Sources have told SUR, that when police officers arrived on the scene two young men displayed an 'aggressive attitude' and repeatedly insulted the patrol. Officers took the pairs' details and then returned to their regular duties.

It is alleged that the two young men then followed the officers and the insults continued to flow, and there were several shoves.

Another person, a 45-year-old man, appeared on the promenade, who the two recognised and threatened to «blow up.» They headed towards him and, after cornering him against a wall, allegedly began to attack him. One of the young men was pulled away by an officer to stop the attack, at which point, according to the sources, he threw himself to the ground and pretended that the policemen had hit him. Allegedly, while he was on the ground he kicked one of the police officers several times, causing him to fall to the ground, before being arrested.

The other young man, after allegedly pushing the other officer from behind, fled the scene. But the local police, along with other colleagues who had arrived in support, followed the suspect through several streets until they caught up with him. Then, according to sources, he hit the officer again in the face, breaking the officer's nose. Despite putting up 'strong resistance', the attacker of the policeman was arrested.

A third person was also arrested for 'obstructing the work of the police' and hitting an officer. The three people arrested are all of Spanish nationality and aged between 25 and 32 years.