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Police say the attempted kidnapping of children in Fuengirola warning is fake

The National Police force has officially dismissed the message, that has been widely shared on social media, as 'false' and a 'hoax'


A message that has been widely spread on social media and WhatsApp warning of attempts to kidnap children at the Miramar Shopping Centre in Fuengirola, has been declared as fake by Spain's National Police.

The force has officially said the message that has been shared across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is 'false' and a 'hoax'.

The message read, «Attention, parents: in the Miramar Shopping Centre – Fuengirola – there have already been two attempts to kidnap children.»

It was supposedly from a woman who claimed that the incidents happened to two «friends» of hers, who told her first-hand about the kidnapping attempts.

The text referred to a man of around 60 years old, who allegedly grabbed the victims by the neck to drag them away from their parents. Once discovered, the alleged child abductor said it was «a joke.»

The author of the message suggested that the complaint had been reported to the police and even suggested that the two kidnapping attempts had been carried out by some type of mafia that had settled on the Costa del Sol.