Councillor José Carlos Martín at one of the future car parks. / SUR

Mijas to build four more car parks in Las Lagunas

The town hall plans to put the construction of the new Los Santos car park out to tender in 2022

Ivan Gelibter

Parking is a problem that Mijas is currently working on fixing. The town hall is planning the construction of four new car parks in Las Lagunas, which will boost the municipal parking plan, which has been coordinated by councillor José Carlos Martín for the last six years.

"This type of significant project requires time, but we're already seeing results and the locals will be able to park with more easily in a town whose population is increasing year after year, a population that needs answers from the local administration in regards to infrastructure," explained Martín. "We're looking ahead, not only to solve current parking issues but to ensure they don't happen again," he said.

Since 2016, the town's infrastructure department has proposed ten public car parks, some of which have been built, others are in development and others have their budget allocations. In 2022, the municipal government will tender the car park at Los Santos, which covers a space of 103,000 square metres, divided in three storeys; it will have up to 364 spaces and a cost of 15 million euros.

Of all the proposed projects, this is the one that has advanced the most. Mijas also has plans for another three car parks to be built in different areas - one in Doña Ermita, another in Las Cañadas and the third to further improve parking in the area around the local health centre.

A reduction in price

The recent construction of new parking facilities has led the town council to regulate municipal parking fees, charging less than other towns of similar or bigger size. Therefore, the first hour of parking in municipal car parks will be free, two to nine hours will cost a euro and to park from nine to 24 hours will be a maximum of nine euros prorated in fractions of five minutes.