National Police take the man into custody. / CNP

'Far-right' fugitive arrested in Fuengirola, injuring three police in 'violent struggle'

'Far-right' fugitive arrested in Fuengirola, injuring three police in 'violent struggle'


An on-the-run man, who was wanted by Italian authorities for causing an explosion while handling bomb-making materials, has been arrested on the Costa del Sol.

The fugitive, who was subject to a European Detention and Surrender Order for crimes including the illegal possession of weapons, was detained this Tuesday, 17 August, by National Police officers on the coast.

But his arrest was not easy. The individual put up a fight, attacking the arresting officers and trying to escape. He was finally detained after a 'violent struggle' according to a National Police statement. Three officers suffered injuries in the attack.

The arrested person is being held in custody facing an extradition hearing, as well as additional charges for the attack on the police officers in Fuengirola.

According to the authorities, the detained man is a «oriented to the supremacist ideology and classified as an 'individual actor' of the far-right in northern Italy.»

The arrest came about as the result of investigations carried out by the General Information Commission on people who belong to, or collaborate with, international terrorist organisations or other groups that may represent a threat to the country and the international community and was the result of collaboration between the Spanish National Police and the Italian Polizia di Stato.