Guardia Civil traffic officers. / SUR

British driver arrested after high-speed Costa del Sol motorway chase

The 32-year-old, who tested positive for drugs, is accused of ramming a police car and other vehicles before losing control of his Audi


A 32-year-old British driver has been accused of ramming into a police car in Mijas, sparking a high-speed chase along the AP-7 motorway on the Costa del Sol. Several other cars were hit before the pursuit ended with the driver losing control of his vehicle and crashing to a halt.

The incident unfolded late on Sunday afternoon in Mijas when a Guardia Civil patrol stopped the driver of an Audi A4 in the Riviera area. As the officers got of their vehicle to identify the British driver, he fled the scene – hitting the police car in the process.

According to SUR sources, the driver made several laps around the Riviera area until, finally, he joined the AP-7 motorway, heading in the Marbella direction.

It is estimated that the car reached speeds of more 160 kilometres per hour – and at least three other cars on the major road were hit.

The driver pulled off the motorway at an exit, did a U-turn, and rejoined the road heading in the opposite direction, towards Malaga. However, at kilometre 193, the driver lost control of his car.

The man, who apparently was not wearing a belt, suffered injuries and possibly some fractures, and he was transferred to the Costa del Sol Hospital.

According to SUR sources, the individual, who apparently has a police record, tested positive for driving under the influence of drugs, although the results will have to be verified by laboratory tests.