The National Police station in Fuengirola. / SUR

Man arrested for axe attack on his wife in Fuengirola

The victim was admitted to the Costa del Sol Hospital with multiple injuries after, allegedly, being struck on the head with the weapon


A 40-year-old foreign national has been arrested in Fuengirola, accused of attacking his wife with an axe and also, allegedly, kicking and punching her.

The victim was admitted to the Costa del Sol Hospital with multiple injuries after being hit on the head with the back of the weapon - although her life is not in danger.

The incident happened at 8am last Saturday morning when the National Police’s 091 control room received a call warning of a fight at a home in the Costa del Sol town.

When police units arrived at the scene, officers found a man at the door of the building who, sources said, was drunk. The victim, who had taken refuge from the attack, was found after she had locked herself in the bathroom.

According to police investigations, the arrested man arrived home that morning after having been drinking. Without warning, the man allegedly began to kick and punch his wife, who was lying on the bed. He then picked up an axe with which he, supposedly, attacked his partner on the forehead.

The woman was transferred to a local health centre, where she received initial medical assistance although, in view of the injuries she sustained, it was decided to refer her to the Costa del Sol Hospital.

Police sources say that there was a previous complaint of gender violence between the pair, although it seems that the couple had decided to resume the relationship.