Police smash gang that kidnapped a man in Marbella and demanded a one-million-euro ransom

The victim was taken when he was getting into his car in San Pedro Alcántara and held for five days, against his will, at a country property in Coín


Tuesday, 12 October 2021, 10:21

National Police officers in Malaga have smashed a criminal network in the province that kidnapped a man on the Costa del Sol, tortured him, and demanded a one-million-euro ransom for his release.

The gang had allegedly linked the Belgian victim to the theft of a drug shipment and not only did they hold him against his will for five days, but they also tortured him, sources told SUR.

Operation Shai

Apparently, the victim was approached when he was getting into his car, which was parked in the town of San Pedro Alcántara, in Marbella.

Operation Shai then swung into action after the family of the kidnapped man reported what happened.

Sources explained that the kidnappers took the man, by force, to a country property where he was allegedly tortured. The kidnappers contacted the victim's family and demanded more than one million euros as a ransom to free the man.

Officers from the National Police’s drugs and organised crime unit (Udyco) on the Costa del Sol led the investigations which resulted in the kidnap situation ending.

"Very violent"

The force said that the criminal organisation was based in Malaga, although its tentacles also reached Ceuta. It was a gang involved in international drug trafficking and members were “very violent”.

Some of the group were specialists in breaking into properties and vehicles. During police raids, drones, spy cameras, frequency jammers and other devices were recovered.

In total seven people were arrested at addresses in Marbella, Coín and in the Ceuta neighborhood of El Príncipe. Four of those detained are being held in custody while investigations continue.



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