Terraces will only be allowed to occupy the space that they were officially granted pre-pandemic. / JOSELE

Marbella's bar and restaurant terraces to revert to licensed spaces again from December

Due to the capacity restrictions imposed on the hospitality industry by the coronavirus health crisis, in May 2020 the town hall allowed the expansion of terraces as an exceptional measure


To help alleviate the impact of the capacity restrictions imposed on the hospitality industry due to the coronavirus health crisis, on 15 May, 2020 the Marbella town hall issued an order that allowed bars and restaurants to expanded their outside terraces as an exceptional measure.

But from 15 November, the town council will roll out an information campaign aimed at businesses in which they will be informed of the municipal approach to a return to normality in a staggered manner. Therefore, from December, bars and restaurants will have to abide by the limits of their original authorisations.

The ending of the measure was explained by Felix Romero, spokesperson for the municipal government, who said that "it took into account specific and special circumstances and was limited to when some level of alert was decreed by the health authorities."


He reminded that "we are currently at health alert Level 0, and very close to the return to normality and where establishments can already occupy almost one hundred percent of their authorised capacity in their original licence”.

Romero said that the high occupancy rates in the Costa del Sol town during the month of October "well above other years” led to this expansion of the terraces being allowed for a longer time.