The second day of filming focused on the yacht Titania./JOSELE

The second day of filming focused on the yacht Titania. / JOSELE

The Crown recreates iconic Princess Diana photo and Dodi scenes in Puerto Banús

The production crew rented a 73-metre yacht and a luxury mansion on the Costa del Sol for shots in the fifth season of the Netflix blockbuster


San Pedro, Marbella became the logistics centre for the Netflix blockbuster series The Crown for a few days at the end of September.

The esplanade known as Cielo de San Pedro has seen the coming and going of 40 trucks, numerous vans, tents, tables, chairs and dozens of crew members.

Despite the numbers of people and amount of movement in the area, little is known about the production due to the non-disclosure agreements signed by crew.

The production had already chosen Malaga for filming, having used city centre sites to recreate the Australian city of Brisbane in the fourth season.

Now, with filming of season five under way, Puerto Banús and its surroundings became the French coast in which Lady Di and Dodi Al-Fayed enjoyed their last romantic summer before the fateful traffic accident in Paris that cost the couple their lives.

The San Pedro base camp was the epicentre of production, where the team included fifty drivers, sets, actors, extras and a medical team to perform daily antigen tests to guarantee the health of cast and crew.

The action began even earlier than half past five in the morning and vans and trucks started to parade towards the locations chosen for filming.

Tate Aráez the Malaga professional responsible for organising the exterior shots in Spain for the series, has been nominated twice for the Location Managers Guild International Awards (LMGI) - considered the Oscars of the profession.

In the exclusive marina they were reproducing the scenes where Diana of Wales enjoyed romantic moments with her partner, businessman Dodi Al-Fayed.

From that summer, the iconic photographs in which the mother of Princes William and Henry appeared sitting on the edge of a yacht with a certain kind of melancholy, were produced.

To recreate that moment, the producer rented the yacht Titania, which is 73 metres long with capacity for twelve passengers in its seven cabins and 20 crew members.

A boat built in 2006, it is estimated that the cost of rent could have amounted to 600,000 euros.

The actors involved include Elizabeth Debicki, who plays a mature Diana, and Khalid Abdalla as her partner, Dodi Fayed.

Actor Salim Daw is cast as the billionaire and former owner of Harrods, Mohamed Al-Fayed, Dodi’s father.

Despite the large scale of the production, it barely disrupted the usual workings of the port where tourists and employees continued to go about their daily lives, apart from a few curious onlookers and some photojournalists trying to reproduce those legendary photographs of Prince Charles’ ex-wife.

The first signs that filming was being carried out came in the form of members of the production crew, coming and going through the port, equipped with their credentials and walkie-talkies, and the signs that marked out the catering service for the workers. On Tuesday filming centred around scenes at sea.

Crews from the series could be seen in Jerez on Thursday, where they have set up an operations hub for filming in Andalucía. Preparations were being made around the city’s Alcázar fortress ready for the next stage of filming.