The sculptures pay tribute to the colours and shapes in nature. / JOSELE

Contemporary art flourishes in Puerto Banús

My Secret Garden is an exhibition that pays tribute to nature and will line the docks of Puerto Banús until 16 January 2022


The installation consists of six of the most significant sculptures by the artist Arne Quinze who, together with the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciènces, aims to bring citizens closer to the latest artistic trends of contemporary creators.

Benjamín Sánchez, deputy director of marketing for the port, said that "Puerto Banús wants to bring art and culture closer to Marbella with this and future exhibitions."

In this sense, he added "It wants to value these disciplines and promote their visibility, that's why it aims to be a showcase for contemporary art and support new national and international talents.”

The sculptures are large installations between 2 to 3.5 metres tall, with some being more than 5 metres wide. They weigh between 500 and 1,350 kilos.

Despite this, at first glance they look fragile.

Their sinuous shapes, balanced compositions and vibrant colours are an ode to the environment.

With an extensive colour palette, "inspired by the abundance and dyes that their creator finds in his wildflower garden, he intends to expose the contrast between the diversity of nature and the monotonous, often grey, colours of cities."

Sánchez said that they chose Arne Quinze "because his artistic proposal is based on exalting nature, projecting the importance of it in our cities, and the human commitment to preserve it."

"Puerto Banús has a clear objective in this regard. Our mission is to gradually become a more sustainable marina, carrying out activities with less impact on our environment and, at the same time, promoting respect and commitment to our environment to our visitors."

The vivid work of the Belgian artist is framed by either the blue of the Mediterranean or the white of traditional Andalucian architecture, achieving the objective of its creator: "to appeal to the viewer to protect, or at least appreciate, what nature has to offer."

A short walk through the port is enough to observe how the sculptures have become the object of admiration and attention.

Arne Quinze wants to "incite a dialogue about the vital balance" between cities and nature with those visitors who take photographs with the sculptures, since, in his opinion, "the most successful cities of the future will be the ones that perfectly intertwine culture and nature."

With this exhibition, art approaches passers-by and becomes an active part of the Marbella marina, playing a fundamental role in its profile.

The fact that the installation is outdoors gives the sculptures even more life since the sculptures change with the light as the sun begins to set.