A flight approaches the Costa del Sol airport. File photograph. / SALVADOR SALAS

Flight makes an emergency landing and blocks the main runway in Malaga

The opening of the second runway on the Costa del Sol did not prevent another five planes from suffering delays


A flight bound for Germany, that took off from Malaga airport, reported a hydraulic problem once it was in the air and was forced to turn around and make an emergency landing back on the Costa del Sol on Tuesday, 5 October.

The Eurowings flight EW7537 took off from Malaga to Hamburg at around 4pm but the captain asked to return to the airport after reporting a hydraulic failure, sources from the air traffic control tower have confirmed to SUR.

Given the emergency, the plane was allowed permission to land back on the main runway, due to its longer 3,200 metre length. After it landed and safely came to a halt the plane aircraft blocked the runway for some 20 minutes until it was towed clear.

During that time, the air traffic control tower decided to operate with the airport’s second runway, although with restrictions - due to the proximity of the Canal Sur antenna which have not yet been resolved - which ‘dramatically reduces’ the capacity of the runway.

As a result of the emergency, five flights suffered delays with an average of 29 minutes per aircraft.