Experts warn of high numbers of jellyfish along the Costa del Sol

Experts warn of high numbers of jellyfish along the Costa del Sol

On Thursday, the Aula del Mar marine conservation group reported a high presence of the invertebrates in Benalmádena, Fuengirola and Marbella - after large numbers were reported in Nerja the day before


Tuesday, 5 October 2021, 10:10

Aula del Mar marine conservation experts in Malaga have said they had expected that this summer was going to be «complicated» in terms of the presence of jellyfish on the Costa del Sol.

«This year we were sure that there were going to be a series of conditions that would favour a high presence, as has finally happened this week,» biologist Jesús Bellido explained to SUR, after the group registered high numbers of the invertebrates along the entire Malaga coastline this Wednesday and Thursday.

«However, there is a slight relief as it started in mid-August and has not affected the month of July,» he adds.

On Thursday, 12 August, the Aula del Mar team recorded of a high presence of jellyfish in Benalmádena, Fuengirola and Marbella, after a similar problem on Nerja's beaches the day before.

Bellido says the appearance of these creature is linked to the climatic factors in spring. «Now the sea seems to be cold but before the summer it was much warmer. There were a series of ideal conditions to create a high presence of jellyfish in the Alboran Sea,» he points out.

According to Aula del Mar, the main invertebrates seen on the coast are the Pelagia noctiluca, which is predominant in the western stretch, and the Rhizostoma luteum species that continue to amaze between Malaga city and the Axarquia coast. Finally, at the eastern end, Pelagias specimens are also seen.

The Infomedusa app, which monitors the jellyfish situation along the whole of the Costa de Sol, has been developed by the Aula del Mar with the collaboration of the Malaga's provincial council.



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