'The Costa is wonderful and we really like the people on the campsite and being by the sea'

'The Costa is wonderful and we really like the people on the campsite and being by the sea'

Campers talk about how they love this type of holiday

Pilar Martínez

Friday, 17 September 2021, 14:48


It's cocktail hour, but a British couple have already eaten their meal on the terrace outside one of the mobile homes on the campsite. They tell us they are having a great time and will be staying here for three months this year.

"Before, we used to come for six months of the year, but we can't do that now because of Brexit," says Robert.

He and his wife, Pam, who are from a small town in southern England, are not happy about Britain's withdrawal from the European Union. However, their faces light up when they talk about their visits to the Costa del Sol.


"Malaga is a fantastic place. We really like the people here, and we love being beside the sea, in this climate," says Robert, while Pam has nothing butt praise for the cleanliness in this campsite, to which they have been coming for many years.

A bit further on, in the area where people can pitch their tents, some of which are like second homes for their owners, María del Mar Ayala, who is from Malaga, describes another aspect to these facilities.

"This is our very own home on the beach, and we come here at weekends, and for holidays, and whenever we have some free time. It was always our dream to have enough money to come to this campsite, where we not only have the tent but also an outdoor area where we can set up our terrace table and chairs," she says.

Inside, the tent is just like a well-cared-for house, and María del Mar proudly shows us round. "Cleanliness is very important and on this campsite they are very careful about that side of things," she says.

She agrees when her daughter says she loves this form of holidaying, and that it is also a good way to get to know people and spend time with them.

Although it is raining, some tourists are in the swimming pool at this campsite, although more of them are enjoying the gymnasium. "There is so much to do here," they say.


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