The Materno Infantil hospital in Malaga. / SUR

The three-year-old boy who died of heat stroke in Malaga had hidden inside a car while playing

After hiding for more than an hour inside the vehicle, the child was admitted to an intensive care unit on Saturday but died the following day


A three-year-old boy died of suspected heat stroke in Malaga at the weekend hospital sources have confirmed.

It is believed that the child spent more than an hour hiding inside a car, while he was playing. SUR has learned that everything indicates that the little boy climbed into the car with any adult noticing, on a day when temperatures reached 39 degreees in some parts of the province.

The child was admitted to the Materno Infantil Hospital in the city on Saturday with 'symptoms compatible with exposure to high temperatures'. He was transferred to the paediatric intensive care unit, where he remained until he died, according to sources.

National Police officers have taken charge of investigations and the result of a post-mortem is awaited.

The symptoms of heat stroke are produced by the loss of body fluids and mineral salts necessary for the proper functioning of the body. In the case of children, they can range from dizziness to vomiting, through fevers that can exceed 40 degrees, headache or irritability and tachycardia.