Police officers pounce on the suspects in the Lagunillas district. / SUR

One person released after jihadist counter-terrorism raid arrests in Malaga

Heavily armed Guardia Civil officers from the Rapid Action Group detained several people in a large-scale operation in the city last Friday


One of the two young men arrested in the Malaga neighbourhood of Lagunillas in an international operation against jihadist terrorism last Friday has been released without even going to court. The other arrested person will appear before the head of the Central Court of Instruction number 2 of the National Court, Ismael Moreno.

Judicial sources have confirmed to SUR that one of the two detainees was released this weekend after giving evidence to Guardia Civil investigators.

The sources could not specify if the young man is still being investigated in the case - in which case he can be summoned by the judge later - or has already been cleared after the checks carried out by the police.


The two young people were arrested on Friday, 22 October in a raid by the Guardia Civil’s elite Rapid Action Group which literally took over a central Malaga neighbourhood. Two people were arrested in a Lagunillas square and police secured and searched the abandoned building where they staying.

The investigation is surrounded in mystery as secrecy in the proceedings has been decreed, although the sources did specify to SUR that it is related to jihadist terrorism and that it extends to an international stage.

Heavily armed police during the operation in the Lagunillas district. / SALVADOR SALAS