A frame from the Instagram video. / POLICÍA LOCAL DE MÁLAGA

Motorist faces charges for reckless driving with a youth on the roof of his car

Local Police in Malaga identified the 20-year-old motorist after videos of the incident were uploaded to Instagram


Cybercrime police officers in Malaga have helped track down the driver of vehicle that was captured carrying a young person on the roof of a car in videos that were uploaded to a social media network.

In the video (below) you can clearly see how the young person clings to the sides of the car to avoid falling off.

At the wheel was a 20-year-old from Malaga who drove through different city streets carrying the minor perched on the roof of the vehicle, and who decided to share his recklessness on Instagram.

The video reached the cybercrime group of the city’s Local Police which has managed to identify the driver and sent a file to the Prosecutor's Office alleging various road safety offences.

Serious danger to life

Local Police analysed a total of four videos. In three of them the car was seen driving through several Malaga streets of Malaga with a person on the roof, where there was “a serious danger to his life in the event of a fall caused by an accident due to loss of control of the vehicle or the need to brake in an emergency”.

In the fourth video, the same driver is captured driving on a two-lane road, with a warning sign for roadworks visible, before reaching a speed of 187 kilometres per hour.