An artist's impression of the new berths. / SUR

Malaga's 11-million-euro megayacht project hits an electricity supply snag

The marina, due to be commissioned in February 2022, will be able to accommodate up to 31 craft of up to 180 metres in length


The megayacht marina that is beginning to take shape at docks 1 and 2 in the Port of Malaga has hit a snag with the electricity supply to the site. But the developers of the 11-million-pound project are confident that it will still be operational on time and the first luxury craft will arrive at the new facility in spring 2022.

In the coming weeks, two small breakwaters will be created at the entrance to the port to guarantee the water is calm at the Marqués de Guadiaro dock with the capacity to house 31 craft of up to 180 meters in length.

However, the promoters of the marina have run into a setback with the proposed route of the electricity supply cable from the main grid to the dock which has been deemed ‘unviable’ because of the space issues and the location of other services in the area.

The IGY Marina Málaga consortium is confident that the problem will soon be resolved with city council and the commissioning of the marina is still on schedule for next February.

Faced with this situation, the promoters, together with the electricity company, are considering up to three alternative routes for the link, which will be presented to council’s planning department for approval.

“We want to offer a lot of power to the ships so that they do not have to be using their generators or engines running when they are moored, something that no commercial port in the country has. We are working with the and the electricty company, Endesa, and the authorities and we trust that it will be resolved shortly", the group said.

According to the consortium the marina will have a return of 100 million euros in the city and create at least 800 jobs.