Passengers arrive at Malaga airport. File photograph. / ÑITO SALAS

Malaga is a big hit with foreign Generation Z travellers

The city is the third most-preferred destination in Spain for this group of young people, born after 1997


Young people hold the key to the future of many holiday destinations and being attractive to a group with a very different profile from those who now visit the province is one of the great challenges of the travel sector.

A report from the online travel company, has shown that Malaga city is already positioned as the third most-preferred destination in Spain by international Generation Z travellers, that is the group of young people born from 1997 onwards.

According to the booking data from, the company found that young foreign tourists maintain their love for Spain and within the country choose Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and Valencia as the main destinations for their holidays, which they combined with other European cities like Milan, Athens or London.

This generation is recognised as being more aware of caring for the environment, passionate about technology and with healthy habits, is also interested about knowing more about the world in which they live.

Focus on Europe

In Spain, these young people choose to travel to nearby destinations and visit, mainly, corners within the same country. Outside these borders, and given the difficulties imposed by the pandemic, they focus on Europe. In fact, this is highlighted by the fact that among the top fifty destinations, only Mexico City appears on the list.

Among this generation, Spain maintains its muscle in terms of its attractiveness, but falls to the seventh place in the world in registering the number of travellers belonging to Generation Z, only behind the United States, France, United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. The Spanish youth frequently take advantage of the cheapest rates for air tickets and, given the short duration of many trips, European capitals such as London, Paris, Rome, Prague or Brussels top the list, followed by Spanish favourites such as Barcelona, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza. In contrast, foreign Generation Z travellers allocate a larger budget to airline tickets, specifically almost 25 per cent more than Spaniards.


Javier García, born in 1998, has already started the search for his getaway with friends. "It will be after Christmas, because you still have to save for the holiday, but there are tickets at incredible prices for destinations with a lot to see such as several cities in Italy," he says. Not only the cost of the flight is important but also the expense at the destination. "We have seen that although Vienna is expensive, in terms of drinks and meals it is cheaper than Paris or London," he says, although he says that they usually stay in a tourist rental houses and purchase items for breakfast and lunch at home. “We always make for a couple of places for dinner that stand out. Good, but always affordable," he clarifies.