The famous festive lights in Calle Larios in 2020. / SALVADOR SALAS

Malaga sets a date for the official switch on of its one-million-euro Christmas lights

It is not yet known if there will be a light and sound show like before the coronavirus pandemic


Malaga has set the date for the official switch on of the city’s Christmas lights this year. As is tradition, the city council will turn on the festive lights on the last Friday in November, the 26th.

The councillor responsible for the display, Teresa Porras, explained this Monday (18 October) that the traditional date on the calendar is confirmed, although she has not wanted to delve into whether this year there will be a musical and light show like before the Covid-19 pandemic.

From what can be seen in Calle Larios, the lighting will be much the same as last year, since the arches on which the Christmas forest is constructed have already been installed. As a result of the coronavirus situation, last year the light and music show was suspended and only the lighting in the streets remained. Nor were mass events held in other parts of the city, such as the projection of a Christmas story at the Roman amphitheatre.

Although the councillor did not want to give anything away about the Christmas lights this year, the intention of the local government team is to reinforce the lighting in certain city centre streets, such as the Alameda. To do this, this year the budget has been increased by about 200,000 euros, making a total of around one million euros.

In addition, shows have been organised in other areas away from the city centre, such as the La Concepción Botanical-Historical Garden. The idea is to encourage visits to the monument and, also, ease pressure on the streets in the central area.