The La Concepción botanical gardens, which will be specially illuminated. / SUR

Malaga plans to light up Christmas with a new attraction

The new festive light and sound show will operate in the grounds of the La Concepción botanical gardens, from 23 November to 10 January


Malaga, already well-known for its Christmas lights, has launched the tendering process to find a private company to stage a new - additional - festive light and sound show in the grounds of the La Concepción botanical garden. It is another effort from the city to fend off the challenge from Vigo for Spain's best Christmas decorations.

The city council plans that, from 23 November to 10 January, when the historic park area closes its doors to regular visitors, it will reopen them between 6.30pm and 11pm, to take visitors who buy a ticket on a 'journey through the spirit of Christmas'.

Floating stars in the lakes, snowmen and animal figures, a tunnel of lights in harmony with background music, and floodlighting of the gardens, waterfall and temple are some of the things that the council is seeking a private company to install and operate.

Likewise, the town hall specification for the contract requests that a «historical merry-go-round, festooned with lights, with a diameter of 6.5 metres» be installed, as well as »a food stall with a gabled roof, and with Christmas decorations and lighting.»

Companies interested in bidding for the contract for the installation and operation of this Christmas garden have until 7 September to present their offers, and the city council has asked interested parties prove that they have the necessary technical experience - demonstrated by carrying out similar services or work in the last three years – as well as being financially solvent and having civil liability insurance.

If there is more than one company that is interested in the project and they all meet the requirements, the final selection will be made in a draw at the La Concepción garden palace house, three days after the publication of the final list of applicants.