The coronavirus tests can be sold without a prescription. / E.P.

Malaga chemist shops sell 40,000 coronavirus self-test kits in their first week of sale

The average price is around 8 euros, but the cost is expected to continue falling


A total of 40,000 coronavirus antigen self-test kits have been sold in Malaga pharmacies in their first week of sale to the public, with forecasts that the number will increase, according to the Association of Pharmacists of Andalucía on Wednesday, 4 August.

The president of Afaran, María Teresa Martín, said that between 100 and 150 tests, that don't require a prescription, are being sold daily at her own chemist shop.

According to Martín, the price of the kits in pharmacies is around eight euros, but forecasts that the price will continue to drop as more are supplied: «The starting price was 12 euros, but I estimate that in the future it could be reduced to five», explained the president of Afaran.