National Police investigators. / SUR

Hacked off ex-worker accesses the computer system of his old employer and cripples the business

The culprit issued a command to erase the data on about 600 devices according to investigations by the Cybercrime Group of the National Police force in Malaga


A disgruntled ex-employee is facing charges in a Malaga court after allegedly hacking into his former employer’s computer system and wreaking havoc by deleting data on 600 tablet devices and causing damage worth an estimated 47,000 euros.

National Police officers have arrested a 39-year-old man of Spanish nationality in the town of Algete (Madrid) for an alleged crime of illegal computer access, disclosure of business secrets and damage to computer systems.

In September, the Cybercrime Group of the National Police force in Malaga started an investigation following a report that a company had been the victim of a computer attack. The national company operates in the parcel distribution and digitisation and archiving of public authority documents sectors.


Experts found that the illegal access to the computer system had made by a "person with advanced computer knowledge, who acted with precision and whose purpose was to cause the economic damage to the enterprise."

Police investigations determined that the main suspect was a former employee of the company who had recently been fired and whose motivation would be revenge. When he was located and arrested in the town of Algete (Madrid) his home was searched, and evidence relating to the allegation was found.

The case in now in the hands of the Examining Court No. 12 in Malaga.