Some of the banknotes that were found inside the envelope. / SUR

Good Samaritan hands in a folder containing cash to the value of 1,400 euros to police

The 70-year-old rightful owner was reunited with her mislaid money just before she was due to catch a flight


After finding a black folder lying on the ground in a Malaga street a Good Samaritan picked it up and handed it in to a Local Police station in the city. What the lady didn’t realise at the time was the folder contained bank notes to the value of almost 1,400 euros, credit cards and documentation.

The elderly woman took the lost property to the police offices Llano de la Trinidad in Malaga on 24 September, believing there were just papers inside. But when officers opened the folder, inside they found a white envelope with bank notes inside, as well as two bank credit cards.

A total of 1,500 US dollars in 50 and 100 dollar banknotes, was found in addition to 15 pounds sterling and 70 Swiss francs. The total approximate value, according to the Local Police, would be around 1,368 euros.

After making enquiries through the banks, the local police officers traced the rightful owner, a 70-year-old woman of Venezuelan nationality.

According to police sources, she was due to catch a flight a few hours later and said how extremely grateful she was for the honesty of the lady and the good detective work of the local police.