Mario Quirós. / @EjercitoTierra

'He gave his life for Spain': body found during reservoir search for missing Malaga military diver

Army and Guardia Civil specialist underwater teams co-ordinated a huge rescue operation after the sergeant disappeared during a night training exercise last week


The body of the missing 23-year-old soldier from Malaga, Mario Quirós, was found on Saturday morning in the Huesca reservoir, five days after he disappeared while on a military training exercise.

His instructors lost track of the sergeant during the early hours of last Tuesday morning during assault diving manoeuvres and dozens of Army and Guardia Civil personnel had been working against the clock to find him.

Announcing the news on its official social media profiles, the Army offered its condolences to the military man’s family and friends.

The Guardia Civil confirmed the news. Its specialist GEAS underwater search team divers had joined Army experts to comb thousands of square metres of deep, cold water and used a motorised robot and underwater cameras to scour the reservoir which reached a depth of 72-metres in places.

The search had been complicated because the disappearance took place at night, and rescue divers didn’t have specific reference to the point where the young man was last seen.

Mario enlisted in the Army following in his father's footsteps, and was stationed in Melilla.