Emergency services at the scene this Monday (16 August). / ÑITO SALAS

Firefighters rescue man from top of high-voltage electricity pylon in Malaga

The electricity company, Endesa, was asked to cut the high-voltage supply to enable the emergency services to reach the individual who was perched some 50-metres above the ground


Firefighters in Malaga have safely rescued a young man who climbed to the top of an electricity pylon carrying high-voltage cables in the El Atabal district of the city this Monday (16 August).

Emergency services were called to the incident when the man was spotted 'making a fuss and asking for help', according to a witness.

The reason for him climbing the pylon is unknown.

Electricity company Endesa was asked to cut the high-voltage supply through the cables until the man was safely lowered to the ground by firefighters who scaled the 50-metre high pylon.

The 27-year-old man was transferred to hospital after being safely rescued by the emergency services.