The scene of the incident on Saturday (left) and the suspect is arrested by police on Sunday (right).

Driver arrested after stolen car smashes into seven parked vehicles and video goes viral

After footage of the incident went viral the owner of the stolen car turned detective and tracked down the alleged culprit


Local Police officers in Malaga have a arrested a young man in the city after a stolen car was crashed into six other vehicles that were parked in the Plaza de la Ferrería, in the Martiricos district.

Alarmed neighbours called the emergency services on 112 on Saturday afternoon as the incident unfolded. One of the local residents also recorded a two-minute video of the events after hearing ‘strange noises’ outside.

The footage shows the driver of a Seat Toledo driving erratically between parking spaces, hitting other cars and trying to drive away from the scene at full speed. When attempting to join the main street, the stolen car smashes into a Dacia leaving it stranded in the middle of the avenue.

After getting out of the vehicle, the young man left the area on foot.

The owner saw the viral video of his car being used as a battering ram and, after filing in paperwork at the police station, he began his own private investigation in the neighbourhood that he knows like the back of his hand. "I had the suspicion that the person might be in the ​​Cruz de Humilladero district. I went there on Sunday, and I found him."

"There was no doubt that it was him, the video shows his face perfectly - and he was hiding between some cars. I waited and soon after a Local Police patrol car went by; I explained what had happened, they identified him and arreste him," he said.