The industrial unit in Malaga where the incident happened. / ÁLVARO FRÍAS

Man dies in roof fall after police are called to attempted burglary

According to sources, when officers arrived at the scene in Malaga the victim tried to flee from them


A man has fallen to his death from the roof of a unit on the La Estrella industrial estate in Malaga city when, apparently, he tried to escape from the police.

The incident happened at 11.40 pm on Tuesday, 26 October, after the police were alerted by an alarm company to a burglary attempt to premises.

According to sources close to the case, the police officers caught a man red-handed and he fled when he saw them. Apparently, he tried to escape by going from one roof to another. But it appears that the roof either broke under his weight, or he slipped, and he plunged from a height of 10-metres (30 feet) to his death.

The police found the body of the 48-year-old Spanish man on the floor of the warehouse but could not do anything save his life.