The condition of the cracks on the roof of the Cathedral. / F. HINOJOSA

Cathedral faces leaky winter due to delayed roof repairs

The regional government has not yet approved the roof project presented by the Diocese in March as a solution to the cracks in Malaga Cathedral


Malaga Cathedral faces another winter with a leaking roof due to the inaction of the regional government in moving forward the repair plan.

During the summer's dry heat, the cracks have multiplied and there are fragments from the dome that have fallen inside the basilica. Now, one of the main monuments of the city faces challenging wet weather conditions that will test the resistance of the building.

Last March, the Diocese of Malaga gave the regional ministry of Culture its solution to this serious leak problem: a gable roof project based on the one that the architect Ventura Rodríguez left drawn in plans in 1764 and that was never carried out.

For more than two years, architects Juan Manuel Sánchez La Chica and Adolfo de la Torre Prieto, together with a team of specialists, have prepared a detailed project to build a gable roof.

Formed by a structure of laminated wood and steel, the roof would be covered with glazed ceramic tiles in two colours, honey and cream, to resemble the roofs of the adjacent Sagrario church and Bishop's Palace.

The regional ministry of Culture has not yet issued a report on whether or not to authorise this work because it believes that the project is so technically complex that it requires an external team of professionals.

The project would cost ten million euros and would replace the 2009 coating of the roof which consists of a skin of lead sheets covered with bricks, which has not given the expected results.