View of the La Equitativa building where a five-star hotel has recently opened. / ÑITO SALAS

Capital of the Costa del Sol heads towards becoming a five-star destination

With several top-end projects in the pipeline, added to the existing luxury hotels, Malaga will be able to offer more than 1,200 five-star rooms in the next three years - more than any other city in Andalucía


Malaga is fast heading towards becoming a five-star destination for travellers. The recent openings of the Only You Malaga hotel and the Soho Boutique Castillo de Santa Catalina are just an appetizer for what is to come.

The capital of the Costa del Sol will be able to offer up to a dozen top-class establishments between now and 2024.

To the four already operational, the Cortijo de la Reina will be added, which will be the first five-star hotel located in Los Montes; the Montana, which will open where the restaurant with the same name is currently located; the Palacio de la Tinta, very close to the Gran Hotel Miramar, the only new luxury hotel already underway; the controversial Torre del Puerto; the one that the Meliá chain will manage, following the purchase of in the old Andalucía cinema by the Piqué family, and the one that, if the change of use is allowed, in the central post office building.

The latter is the project that is most up in the air. The rest either already have a building licence or are being processed, according to the city’s Councillor for Land Management, Raúl López.

While waiting planning applications to be processed, he assures that "Malaga will have seven top-class hotels within two years."

New business opportunities

With these projects, Malaga city will make a giant leap forward in its luxury hotel offer that will open up new business opportunities and that will place it as the city with the highest five-star room offer in Andalucía.

The new hotels could provide 835 luxury rooms, which together with those already in operation will allow Malaga to offer more than 1,200 five-star rooms, not counting those at the old post office.

Since the Vincci Posada del Patio hotel opened its doors in May 2010 as the first five-star hotel in Malaga, it took until the end of 2017 for the opening of the Gran Hotel Miramar, with 190 rooms, to expand this offer.

This year, the Only You Malaga, located at the foot of the emblematic La Equitativa building, and the Soho Boutique Castillo de Santa Catalina were added.

Torre del Puerto

The most significant project in the pipeline, with more than 370 rooms, is the Torre del Puerto. However, it is the one facing most challenges at the planning stage.

Councillor Raúl López is convinced that the city still has a long way to go. "There is a lot of interest from chains and investors and many four-star 'premium' projects," he says.