The taró, or advection fog, on a Malaga beach. File photograph. / FRANCIS SILVA

Bathing ban as red flags fly on all the beaches in Malaga city

The council has prohibited bathing in the sea because of dense fog on the coast


Beachgoers in Malaga have been disappointed to see red flags flying on the city's beaches prohibiting bathing this Monday, 16 August - a public holiday.

The warning flags were raised at the lifeguard stations along the shores as a dense fog rolled into the bay and the city, making visibility difficult.

The bathing ban was forced by Malaga's taró - a meteorological phenomenon that occurs both in winter and summer - and it was announced by the city council on its Twitter page.

The taró, or advection fog, is produced by the difference in atmospheric temperature and that of the sea. The terral wind, another local phenomenon, cools the sea water and the humidity is trapped by a warmer air mass from the lower layers of the atmosphere. It is a persistent fog, that usually lasts from the morning until the afternoon.