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Malaga airport braces itself for 400 flights a day ahead of a public holiday in Spain

This Friday and Saturday the Costa del Sol airport will see traffic levels reach 86 per cent of the same period pre-pandemic

Pilar Martínez

Malaga's Costa del Sol airport will this Friday, 8 October, and Saturday see more than 400 flights a day operate on its runways ahead of the public holiday in Spain next Tuesday.

It is not the first time that this level of traffic has been seen since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, with a few days in August holding the record, but it is a significant number for the time of year.

Data, provided by airport operator Aena, shows 401 flights on Malaga's runways this Friday and 402 on Saturday, ahead of the public holiday, in which a total 1,878 flights are planned, of which 408 are national and 1,470 international.

The flight tally means that the airport will have recovered 86 per cent of the traffic it received during the same period in 2019 and more than double that registered in 2020.

Of the 401 flights scheduled this Friday, a total of 304 are on international routes and of the 402 scheduled for Saturday, 334 are with foreign airports.

For Sunday, airlines have scheduled 388 landing and take-off slots in Malaga, of which 75 are national and 313 with routes outside the country.

Hotel occupancy 76 per cent

By Monday, the volume of traffic will drop to 349 flights, of which 274 are international. And on Tuesday’s public holiday, 338 aircraft movements are expected, maintaining a clear predominance of international connections.

The data supports that information from the hotel sector on the coast with hoteliers forecasting an occupancy rate of 76 per cent this holiday weekend with the arrival of 150,000 holidaymakers, of which 60 per cent will be foreigners.