Juan Sánchez gives a press conference. / ANTONIO PAZ

Infoca: 'The rain is not going to put out the fire, although we are beginning to see the light'

The director of the brigade's Regional Operational Centre has explained that they are having some water shortage problems on the ground


Juan Sánchez, the director of Infoca's Regional Operational Centre has warned that the rain forecast in the area of the Sierra Bermeja fire "will not be enough to extinguish it."

But he said that "we beginning to see a little light at the end of the tunnel and that lifts our spirits".

The director also revaled that the latest fire-fighting actions carried out have been "very positive". However, he also highlighted water shortage problems on the ground.

Sánchez said “our aircraft are sometimes having to queue to refill".

He explained that fixed-wing and cargo aircraft on land "are refilling at the Utrera base," the water planes scoop up "either at sea or from the Zahara reservoir" and helicopters and heavy helicopters "from any body of water, even a puddle. Sanchez also indicated that the perimeter of the fire has changed very little since Sunday, after it doubled in a day from Saturday.

Sánchez said he has hope that parts of the blaze will be stabilised today and that it will be “completely stabilised in the coming days.” He explained that "the approaching storm that predicts a little rain, has brought us humidity but also wind".

The Infoca director also pointed out that currently the Casares area “is the most active area and the one that is generating the most smoke, but there is no imminent risk to population. Conditions would have to change a lot for that to happened, but in a fire like this anything can happen but, if necessary, we would adopt the necessary measures."

"We are going to continue working to try to stabilise different parts of the fire tonight, as we have already done," said the COR director of Infoca, noting for example that "the southeast area is already stabilised, which is why we saw the return of the people evacuated some days ago in Estepona and Benahavís.