The Infoca Superpuma helicopter. / SUR

Helicopter, carrying 19 people, involved in accident at Sierra Bermeja blaze

Junta sources say that all occupants of the Superpuma aircraft, that clipped a tree in a dust cloud, are unharmed


One of Infoca's Superpuma helicopters, deployed at the Sierra Bermeja forest fire, has suffered an accident this Monday, 13 September. According to Junta de Andalucía sources all its 19 occupants are unharmed.

The incident happened when a cloud of dust rose, which impeded the pilot's visibility. It is reported the transport aircraft clipped a tree and fell to the ground.

There are currently 51 aircraft operating at the site of the huge blaze, that has been burning uncontrolled since last Wednesday night. The fleet of fixed-wing planes and helicopters are supporting the efforts of 996 operatives on the ground.

Other regions of Spain, including the Community of Madrid, Castilla la Mancha, Murcia and Extremadura have sent resources to fight the blaze in Andalucía, and they have now been joined by troops from Spain’s Emergency Military Unit (UME).

The flames have already destroyed an area of more than 7,700 hectares and the fire continues to burn with two active fronts.