Both animals had severe infestations of ticks. / SUR

Owners investigated after dogs are found living in 'deplorable' conditions

The two puppies were described as being 'on the verge of death' at the farm in Casabermeja


Police are investigating a possible case of animal abuse after two puppies, "on the verge of death" and living in “deplorable” conditions, were removed from their owners in Casabermeja.

A tip-off from a concerned neighbour led officers from the Guardia Civil’s Seprona branch, responsible for animal welfare and environment protection issues, to the farm in Malaga province.

The police officers removed two puppies from their owners and the animals, now undergoing veterinary treatment, are safe in the hands of the local association Ladram.

The complaint was made in mid-August when a local resident who frequently passed through the area saw the two animals in a "pitiful" state. They claimed that the six-month-old female mastiff and a one-year-old German shepherd were kept in kennels for days on end, with little room for their droppings.

Seprona carried out an inspection and verified that the two puppies did not live with the minimum health conditions required and opened proceedings, while removing the two animals from the owners.

Veterinary reports, that SUR has seen, said the two dogs were on the "verge of death". The mastiff puppy was "in a stunted state", with a severe infestation of ticks and "with clear signs of being in poor hygienic-sanitary conditions." She also had severe anaemia, among other conditions.

The German shepherd was malnourished and infested with ticks. He also suffered from anaemia and other illnesses derived from lack of care.