The dogs suffered from leishmaniasis, as well as malnutrition and showed signs of physical abuse in some cases. / SUR

Goatherder banned from working with animals for mistreating dogs

The judge also sentenced the man, from Casabermeja, to one year and one day in prison, since three of the animals died despite veterinary care


A Malaga court has sentenced a Casabermeja goatherder to one year and one day in prison for a crime of animal abuse. The magistrate found the man guilty of keeping his five dogs in deplorable conditions ‘incompatible with life’.

In addition to jail sentence the court has also banned him from working with or owning animals - which is his livelihood - for three years and one day and forced him to pay 7,000 euros for veterinary costs.

The Casabermeja Ladram animal welfare association reported the case to the authorities after gathering evidence that the goatherder’s animals were in a poor condition. The Guardia Civil’s nature and animal protection branch (Seprona) located the man while he was driving his goatherd with the five dogs, which showed "clear signs of lack of care", according to the officers.

The Seprona team also found that several of them did not have the mandatory identification microchip and, in addition, one of the dogs showed signs of having been physically abused by humans according to the court report.

Veterinary expenses

Three of the animals did not survive despite being taken in by Ladram and the Society for the Protection of Animals and Plants, as they suffered from numerous health problems and infections - both external and internal. Ladram and the Protectora claimed against the goatherder for the veterinary expenses that enabled two of the animals to be saved. And, as a result, the court ordered also the convicted man to pay more than 7,000 euros for the veterinary treatment provided to the five dogs.

Ladram, the society that reported the incident, has explained to SUR that its objective is to educate the owners of working animals about their needs, and about the judicial (and livelihood) consequences of animal cruelty.