The forest firefighters regroup. / SALVADOR SALAS

70 firefighters continue to work at the site of the Sierra Bermeja blaze

Infoca crews are still working to fully extinguish the fire that blazed for six days, and was declared controlled on Tuesday


Members of the Infoca forest fire brigade continue their work this Thursday (16 September) working to extinguish the Sierra Bermeja fire, which was declared 'controlled' on Tuesday.

Heavy rain finally helped quell the flames after it had burned out-of-control for six days, spreading across of 9,670 hectares of land across various municipalities in Malaga province.

The proximity of flames forced the preventive evacuation of more than 2,600 people from their homes, although all have now returned. It also cost the life of an Infoca forest firefighter, Carlos Martínez Haro.

Some 70 forest firefighters remain at the scene to continue the work to extinguish the fire. They are accompanied by technicians, environmental agents, a weather and communications unit and a medical team.

Investigators also contiunue their work to find out what sparked the huge blaze, which started at two separate points near Genalguacil on the evening of 8 September.