Malaga city's rate is also below the threshold for the night time restriction. / SUR

Estepona and Marbella will have their Covid curfews lifted from dawn on Saturday

The coronavirus incidence rate has improved in the two Costa del Sol towns, enabling the night lockdowns to be lifted

Ivan Gelibter

The Covid-19 cumulative incidence rate in the Costa del Sol holiday hotspots of Estepona and Marbella has dropped below the 1,000 figure and, consequently their night mobility restrictions will be removed from dawn on Saturday.

If a large town exceeds the 1,000 threshold the Junta can call for a night curfew, between 2am and 7am, that must be ratified by the courts, to control the spread of the virus.

The two large coastal towns, have had the early-hours lockdown in place for a week, but the measure will now be lifted from Saturday after the region's health officials met again this Wednesday afternoon (4 August).